Terms and Conditionss 

Welcome to our plain English Terms and Conditions.

  1. This service is offered to private property sellers wishing to advertise their property for sale and those offering service associated with the sale of property.
  2. Anglo EU Property (AEUP) can not and will not become involved in any part of the sales negotiation process which must be undertaken independently by the seller.
  3. AEUP is a not for profit service with nil  assets and is run as a cooperative between all subscribers.
  4. AEUP can give no guarantee as to the page view levels of customer interaction as this is out of the control of the members offering the service. However every effort will be made by the admins and developer to ensure the best search engine rankings possible can be achieved on the assets available.
  5. Advertisers are responsible for the provision of all text content/ descriptions and suitable photographs which musty be supplied by email to the admin team. AEUP admin staff will NOT write advertisements on behalf of subscribers as this may lead to incorrect description and potential misrepresentation.
  6. This service is run by volunteers. We are happy to help you were appropriate HOWEVER we do run a fair use policy. If you need changes to your listing please do so in batches, don’t drip feed minor changes minor changes constantly as this abuses the good will of the admins. If you are considered abusing the reasonable use policy admin will contact you and discuss the matter with you and charges may be requested if amendments are excessive.
  7. For copyright reasons AEUP CANNOT take information directly from a third party website. Under certain circumstances and with the agreement of admin information MAY be taken from Facebook pages and private websites provided it is in suitable format and can be copied by simple cut and paste. NO amendment of text can be made other than on the express and exact instructions of the subscriber.
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