AngloEUproperty.com Website FAQ

What is angloEUproperty.com all about?

AngloEU.com arose from the perceived poor service and high cost of many other advertising services available on the internet. Members decided it would be a good idea to have their own property advertising portal. It is effectively a members advertising co-operative.

Once subscribed what do I do?

Firstly look at other members listings to see the format. Once you are clear what is required, email the full text in a format suitable to be copy/pasted into the website to the admin mailbox. We CANNOT write the listing for you or take information from an agents site (for copyright reasons). Attach your photographs to the email and send it to the admin mailbox angloeuproperty@gmail.com The file names given to images are not important as all images are renamed to improve the optimisation of the site in relation to search engines like Google. We will allocated them a temporary title in the format “number-listing title” and give them a provisional ordering on the advert. The first digit of the title will be a number which is the reference number for that specific image. In the future we will be making provision for you to allocate a custom title to each image and order the images as per your request BUT THIS FACILITY IS NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE. Please be patient.

We now also have an automated uploader here

How many images can I supply?

We think it is imperative you have the capability to showcase your property properly so we do not wish to impose a strict limit. However we ask that preferably not more than about 15 images to control administrative burden. Every image must be renamed, uploaded, ordered and later titled; please keep this in mind when submitting images.

How can I change the image shown at the top of the advertisement?

Simply tell us the image reference number and we can change the featured image for you. How can we make changes to the advertisement text. Instructions such as “change “the” to “those” and on line 5, remove “large lawn” and replace with “patio” in the garden description are actually very time consuming. If you want the text changed please copy the ENTIRE advert text, make the appropriate amendments and then resubmit the text in its entirety as this can be updated quickly by Admin with a simple cut and paste. Remember all Admins are volunteers so you should help them as much as possible.

What details are essential?

Please list these specifically and at separately on your email as hunting for this information can be very time consuming. Price, Department number, No of bedrooms, No of Bathrooms, Available land (not mandatory if less than 1 acre but preferred), Energy rating (just the letter is mandatory under European Law) and of course contact details, email, telephone or both.

How can I help make this service better?

We always welcome reasonable suggestions but remember we have very limited funds. The best way to help this site is to promote it though social media. Please share, not just your own, but all properties on this site through Facebook, Twitter and any other social media sites you use. One simple share can bring hundreds of people’s attention to this site and that helps not just you but everyone.

Don’t forget we are on twitter AngloEUProperty @angloeuproperty, please use the hashtag #AngloEU https://twitter.com/Angloeuproperty

Also we have an “Open” Facebook property page Anglo European Property from which properties can be shared., Please like it and share the adverts of your group friends

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